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MyST HiAmp
Headphones Amplifiers
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800 USD

MyST Hi-AMP is a high-fidelity headamp. It’s equipped with two 1/4’’ headphone connectors with a single volume control, two switchable line inputs and an analogue tone controller that allows user to attenuate bass and treble levels.

MyST HiAmp

The amplifier can provide up to 2 watts per channel at 50 Ohms and is able to drive almost any headphone with impedance from 8 to 600 Ohms. It’s output power is enough for handling “heavy” headphones, such as Hifiman HE-6.

MyST HiAmp

Soundwise, MyST Hi-AMP is one of the most honest and revealing amplifiers in the world. It doesn’t sound neither dark nor bright, doesn’t bring a specific coloration in sound (but you can do it yourself, using the tone controller). It just does it’s job fairly – amplifies an audio signal with a minimum level of distortion. In other words, the amplifier sounds absolutely neutrally.

It allows you to hear and estimate a real sound signature of each other component of your audio system. And if all of them are as neutral as Hi-AMP, you will be able to hear a natural and pure sound, especially with hi-quality recordings. Another characteristic of Hi-AMP’s sound is a very high resolution, allowing your ears to catch every thin detail of your favorite music. In terms of resolution, it is on of the best amplifiers ever made.

MyST HiAmp

And what if you ain’t a fan of neutral sound? Then MyST Hi-AMP can also suit you well, thanking to analogue tone controller with that you can attenuate levels of bass and treble within -8 to +8 decibels. It can help you to find a sound signature of your desire or make some corrections to the sound signature of your system due to signature of any of it’s components. For example, if your new headphones sound a bit bright, you can use the tone controller to reduce the treble level.

Frequency responce20-20000 Hz
Harmonic distortion0,001 %
Output voltage40 V
Output power2000 mWt
D/A ConvertionAD1866 (R-2К, mulitbit)
Digital inputscoax RCA (Neutrik), USB, optical
Analog outputsPhones 2 x jack, Line Out 2 x RCA
Size240*170*55 mm
Weight2 Kg
Warranty12 months

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