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MyST Nail2
Balanced armature
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MyST Nail2.

During last years, many IEM manufacturers were claiming to release their top models that will shake the world of portable music and take it to the new level. If this would be true, IEM technologies would have been progressing more rapidly than computers - although, in fact, since the arrival of the first balanced armature IEMs on the market nothing really new was invented for a couple of decades.
MyST Nail 2 do not attempt to make a revolution. They are just a little bit better. But they are a little bit better than any other universal IEM that we have hear to date.

MyST Nail2.

The sound of MyST Nail 2 is clean and transparent even on the most complex recordings with lots of different instruments - you can distinctly hear any one of them. Besides, you can hear a number of tiny details in the music that are accurately reproduced, even the smallest ones.

MyST Nail2.

So, high level of details is one of the main features of MyST Nail 2. Another peculiarity is a reproduction of the high tones. Highs in MyST Nail 2 sound a little bit softer compared to most other IEMs. For the first time is makes a listener confused - but after some time, you realise that no details in these frequences are sacrificed, all high sounds are there, but they are just a bit rolled off. In a short time of listening this becomes an advantage for most people who tried them, because they have very low fatigue, you will never hear any sibilance even in aggressive recordings and sources.

Please note that MyST Nail 2 are sold without eartips. Everyone's ears are different, so you sould choose the tips that suit your parameters for the best fit.

MyST Nail2.v2

Headphone typebalanced armature
Number of drivers1
Ear coupler type1.5
Sound canal diameter3.5-4 mm
Cord Type12
Cord Length1.5 m
Connector3.5 mm
Impedance120 Ohms
Play time12

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