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MyST Gatling
Planar Headphones
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2000 USD

This model has such strange name for a reason. The Gatling system is probably associated with guns (six-barrel quick-fire) such as “Vulcan” or “ГШ-6-23”, for those people who are at least superficially understands in the subject of small arms. And you can imagine what analogy we are talking about if you've ever seen how they "work"
In this model, the sounds of high-speed “wicked” melodies, as well as powerful orchestral parts are presented in such a way that an analogy with a continuous (but at the same time discrete) stream of metal suggests itself.
The MyST Isodynamic headphones have always been made primarily based on the ability to adequately working out the attacks and provide high resolution (even if this affects on the quantity of low frequencies (LF) at times). Listeners that get used to the "boombox" sound of modern dynamic models sometimes complain that they "lack the pumping, meat, fat". But for us, quality has always been a priority over quantity. Attacks, the ability to work out claps, tweaks, beats on the drum - it was more important than just "pumping" the lows to "hoot".
Our ideology has reached a completely new level in Gatling. If earlier we could not say with certainty which of our models is "older" or "best" (the differences mainly concerned nuances or design features), then the answer to this question is obvious at the moment.

MyST Gatling is the best headphones in our line.

However, discarding false modesty, we can say that we personally have not met headphones yet that, in terms of their capabilities, were similar to Gatling at least.
Let's try to describe why this model is so unique.

Low frequencies

They combine of seemingly incompatible things.
On the one hand, they are very “weighty”, “pushing”, “powerful”. On the other hand, they do not have even a hint of the very "power" and "fat" that like fans of dynamic "boombox bass". They are NOT rounded, NOT rubbery, NOT bloated, and DO NOT create permanently oppressive low frequencies background. The description of the low frequencies of this model is more like the description of the midrange.
They have an excellent resolution, a clear separation from one beat to another (no matter how fast these beats follow to each other). Fans of heavy metal or powerful orchestral music will definitely appreciate it!
We have not been able to find music that would make these headphones “stumble” and mix two near beats. And we tested Gatling on very evil tunes.

If it seems to you that it is not true and everything is exactly the same in your headphones - we can tell you with a probability of 99.9999% - you are very mistaken! Not even close. And if your headphones are dynamic, no matter what cost and badassery, then our assurance grows up to 113.5% percent!
If you want to make sure - come and compare :)

Midrange frequencies

It should be noted that there are not so many isodynamic (and respectable dynamic models) in the world that could seriously spoil the midrange. So to say that Gatling is better than everyone else is to lose touch with reality. We admit it.
But there are also some nuances in the overall presentation.
Due to the almost ideally practiced attacks on low frequencies, the middle frequencies, following to LF, don’t just reproduce information. Middle frequencies are essentially fused with this information into the power and pressure of low frequencies.

If in the ordinary headphones the lows and mids can be considered as a sand that scattered over a rubber ball (they clearly differ in the manner of presenting), then in the Gatling the LF and MF are connected as a thin skillful ligature that applied to blocks of granite. And together they fall on you with all their power. So they are united and monolithic in their character.
Well, there is nothing to say about permission. It is practically reference.

High frequencies

HF (as well as LF) have a very unusual character.
If you have ever listened to our MyST Nail2 earplugs, it will be easier for you to understand the basic manner of HF in Gatling. High frequencies are not expressed quantitatively in this model. Funs of extremely loud and bright sound on HF will most likely say that there isn’t enough HF in Gatling.
And actually - they aren’t lifted up clearly. As well as in Nail2

But unlike the same Nail2, this model doesn’t have even primary sensation - that the high frequencies are "deaf"(about this sensation is written by those who encounter with "nails" for the first time). On the contrary, the transparency and separation of high frequencies, as well as its accuracy and almost complete absence of distortion, allows you to easily distinguish the most complex and superfine moments in the recording. Details aren’t "thicker than half a hair".
And we must re-emphasize. This resolution isn’t created by a typical "pseudo-detailing" that well-known to music fans all over the world (when "thin" sounds become more audible (due to the raised high frequencies) than the whole drum set or a whole half of the orchestra). Everything is much more serious in this case. HFs may even seem a little downgraded, but this doesn’t affect for their audibility, recognition and transparency in any way.

As a small "negative" (so that you don’t think that we are over-praising our new product) we can say that while we testing our headphones on the most prohibitively evil and aggressive melodies, we had to deal with small amounts of slight distortion. A kind of ping, sharp sounds. And frankly, they were expressed quantitatively not strongly. They didn’t cause any discomfort. And also it should be noted that these melodies were not at all "sterile", so what caused those distortions is a big question. But - they were.

So in short, what the MyST Gatling are.
On the one hand, these headphones are somewhat restrained and not at all bright. But on the other hand, there isn’t an ounce of tight or excess weight in them. They don’t have an ounce of "fat", but at the same time anyone critic wouldn’t go so far as to call them “dry”. MyST Gatling have an incredible resolution - we haven’t seen anything like this anywhere else. But on the other hand, Gatling is definitely not "bright". Detailing and resolution is achieved precisely due to the almost perfect working out attacks, but not due to a shift in focus.

No doubt - it is unlikely that you will hear something even remotely resembles, no matter how many headphones you listen to in your life! :)

HiEnd magnetic planar headphones MyST Gatling

HiEnd magnetic planar headphones MyST Gatling

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