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MyST IzoPhones-30
Planar Headphones
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MYST IzoPhones has some proprietary features of other MYST products. As usual the attention of developers was focused on attack (“step response”), speed and resolution of headphones. Theseare the causes of isodynamic technology choice.

MyST IzoPhones-30

As we stated many times, we are sure that isodynamic driver is the optimal way to receive quality steady sound for relatively small funds. It is similar to highly acclaimed among the audiophiles electrostatic driver, but it doesn't need specific amplifiers, so the price of a final isodynamic setup is lower.

Speaking of sound, it's easy to say that IzoPhones-30 are rapid, nimble and accurate headphones. No muttering or overwhelming bass. Some might say that “there is the lack of low frequencies”, but it's quite challenging to define, what does these people actually recognize as low frequencies, so it's difficult to argue meaningful. The most common thought is that “low frequencies” in such context are overwhelming bass or long periods of damping. We do not agree with these statements, especially because human ears doesn't hear low frequencies, but only “feel” them. Speaking of “feeling” of bass, IzoPhones-30 are far better than its rivals: if you have enough good amp and source, you will feel low vibrations and “strikes”, which people often call “low frequencies”

MyST IzoPhones-30

In general, headphones are neutral, with a slight emphasis on lows and low mids, but it is insignificant.

To sum up, IzoPhones-30 are excellent headphones with great step response, excellent resolution and without any problems with overwhelming bass or muttering(this problem is common even for the most expensive isodynamic headphones from rivals). They are equally good at playing all genres, from classic up to metal. But this model is not the best choice for bassheads. MYST OrtoPhones suits more for such tastes.

MyST IzoPhones-30

Headphone type17-20000
Driver Type108
Number of drivers1
Cord Length1.5 / 3 m
Connector3.5 mm
Frequency response8-20000 Hz
Impedance30 Ohms
Play time12
Weight140 g.
Warranty12 months

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