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MyST OrtoPhones
Planar Headphones
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There is the world (as I know) orthodymic driver with 8cm in diameter, so the development and the sound are unique.

Until recently only companies tried to work out orthodynamic technology and it was long ago. Only few years ago Oppo started to make their headphones using this old theme, but the diameter of their drivers wasn't more than 4cm

We decided to develop this idea. In OrtoPhones we use membranes with 8cm in diameter, which influence only positively on both the quantity and quality of low frequencies.

Speaking of sound I'd like to say the following. For those who are familiar with MYST products it's easy to tell that Orthophones' sound signature is similar to the one of Nail2. They both have no dominance of high frequencies with distortion of them, so during the fist 2 or 3 minutes of listening it's easy to say that their sound is quite dark or “heavy” with pseudo-dominance of lows, but in fact it's incorrect – it's important to listen to them more to give a chance to your ear to adapt. Anyway, I'm sure, that the purity, accuracy, neutrality and smoothness of treble are well discoverable during the listening of Orthophones, so it's possible argue with the quantity of treble, but not with quality.

The quality of mids is the same as treble one. They doesn't have any distortion, peaks or failures in the frequency range. Of course, mids are accurate and rapid, so there isn't any signs of specific “signature”.

Low frequencies, as I mentioned before, are raised a bit, but it isn't clearly noticeably. Actually, the quality of lows compensate this little raise of quantity. They are tight and agile. Maybe lows are not as rapid as IzoPhones-30' ones, but this difference is nearly unnoticeable.

To sum up, these headphones will probably satisfy those people, who doesn't like the situation when the quantity of replaces the quality. You won't find the roughness of treble in MYST OrtoPhones at all.

Number of drivers1
Cord Length1.5 m
Connector3.5 mm
Impedance18 Ohms
Sensitivity80 dB/mWt
Max input power500 mWt
Play time12
Weight700 g.
Warranty12 months

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